Kiani Alexandra ‘Magic’ : And doesn’t want to let go.

Kiani Alexander

“This is a song I wrote about how I felt having a crush on someone,” stated Kiani. “Sometimes I really enjoy just the feeling of having a crush. Sometimes you wonder if they like you back, but I found it’s best to just enjoy the feeling even if it may not go anywhere.”

And it’s in the lyrics of Kiani. Choosing words, appropriately depicting the vision of the song. All a while making sure it will hit the right tones, and the waves of flow, is where the mystery of song – a Kiani’s song – of which delivers.

The tinge of 90’s r&b/pop shades this single with melancholic violets that brings the sultry x-factor, that hooks, and doesn’t want to let go.

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Don’t be a lady, be a legend đŸ‘‘đŸ€©

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