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Kid Fiction // ËMMË x Pon Cho // JÅCK FORD & Jamieson Hill // Steven Homme // A Daydream Person

Kid Fiction – At The Mall

Australian producer/vocalist KID FICTION sings. Sings his heart out, with adjusted visions and vibrant undertones. Floating vibes, with melancholic harmonies, recuperate in the hinterlands of the single, as you radiate the chasms of you soul. Stripped and loud, as you’d like it to be, ‘At The Mall’ longs and belongs. The single follows his breakout year in conjunction with his debut self-titled EP release.

ËMMË x Pon Cho – YULE

PON CHO on ‘Yule’: “The thing I learned most about music on my journey is that it’s about moments shared with mates. That matters waaaay more than trying to be a ‘somebody’. And that’s why I’m randomly popping in to drop a banger. I don’t want to be anything but myself and I don’t want music to be anything more than something I enjoy. We are all somebody and we shouldn’t be measured by our achievements but by the quality of who we are and how we treat others around us.” ËMMË likely would say that his collab with PON CHO was “Dope”. Nothing to disagree with there, to be honest. The cinematic trap/EDM dish is all that you wanted, and maybe didn’t want at the end of the day. Doesn’t matter. You’ve heard it. Not it’s embedded.

JÅCK FORD & Jamieson Hill – I Want You

Jamieson Hill and JÅCK FORD team up for another throwback: Savage Garden’s”I Want You”. In all intends and purposes, the nostalgic remix is done to perfection, as the 90’s shine off of its beautiful musical carcass, and delivers with supple ease. This house blend is a warm understanding of what the 90’s meant, radiated, and that it’s a sense of culture that is just underneath the surface to be love and enjoyed over and over. Jamieson and Jack, keeps us in tip-top shape in summer of 2019.

Steven Homme – Love & Everything

Washington, DC based electro-artist STEVEN HOMME slices up the atmosphere with quantitatively affectionate single ‘Love & Everything’. Lovely and charming in every way, the delight of the song is the Daft Punk like vocal effects that tinge off of the glowing instrumental attributions. A surly dictation to the world that we live in, we sometimes forget what our basic needs are in this world. Starts with love, than every other kind of energy that helps us achieve such concepts. Steven comes from another planet. He admits it. But it’s us on Earth who benefit from his musical incantations.

A Daydream Person – A Day of Night(Soiree)

Adrian Seo is A DAYDREAM PERSON’s eminent purveyor of soulful house and veritable insinuations in sound. The Seoul based artist is minimalistic in atmosphere and tells a story of torment and of higher triumphs, often in gray elixir in trust and worthy emotional effervescence. Touch of nu-disco and funk goes a long way, as does a kiss from your significant other’s plump kisses. The colors change, as chapters collide. Adian’s focal resonance, slide in and out of consciousness, as reality spikes into and out of our cocoons of delight.


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