Kiesza ‘Crave’ (Video) : First fully choreographed performance since the car crash. Gives it her all.

'Crave' / Art: Kiesza

Kiesza releases the music video for the fabulous title track from her upcoming album ‘Crave’ (August 14th) via her own label Zebra Spirit Tribe.

“Great art comes effortlessly, but always with a fight,” said Kiesza. “And ‘Crave’ was just that. The video for Crave is a dance story. It tells of my journey through the ups and downs and the strength it took to get to where I am today. This is my first fully choreographed performance since the car crash and probably one of the most meaningful pieces I’ve ever performed. I gave it everything I had and it was such a labor of love working together with James Barker, Ljuba Castot and Tobias Lever on this simple, yet powerful piece.’

Produced by Electric, the upcoming album touches on her recent life-changing experiences while musically it draws on a range of 80s influences. Her adept skill as a songwriter – which has seen the likes of Duran Duran, Jennifer Lopez, Gorgon City, Rihanna and Kylie Minogue enlist her to write for them – is evident throughout the album and permits her to retake her rightful place on the electro-pop scene.

Kiesza added: “This is one of my favourite songs of my career. The energy just hits right way, right from the very first chord and carries you with it right through to the end. It’s so fun to sing and I’m honestly so happy that this song exists. I’ll be proud to sing this one forever.”

Since the release of her 2014 chart topping smash ‘Hideaway’ and 1 million + selling debut album, Sound Of A Woman (which saw her top charts globally), Kiesza was forced to take a two year hiatus after a life-changing car crash and head trauma rendered her incapable of writing/recording music, performing live and potentially ever walking again.

Having essentially self-isolated for many months following the traumatic crash, Kiesza survived and emerged stronger than ever, after being both housebound and bed-bound, with no idea of when she might recover. This experience has given her a unique perspective into living in isolation and uncertainty, which many of her fans are now having to do across the globe.


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