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Kiesza // LYYN // Grayson Ty x Fleuke // Beck Pete // Saul Rivers

Kiesza – You’re The Best

Canadian singer songwriter Kiesza stakes her claim on the electro pop throne she ruled back in 2014 with comeback single ‘You’re The Best’. Produced by NamahFalcon, ‘You’re The Best’, (released via Kiesza’s label Zebra Spirit Tribe), is the first official UK single release from the “larger-than-life” (PAPER) singer-songwriter in years. In the tender, synth driven track, the “ballerina-turned sailor-turned dance-pop upstart” (Billboard) welcomes listeners into a more intimate soundscape than she’s ever explored. Kiesza became an instant star in 2014 when her single ‘Hideaway’ (over 1 billion + streams to date), and her 1 million + selling debut album, ‘Sound Of A Woman’ saw her top charts globally. A life-changing car crash and head trauma brought Kiesza hurtling back to earth in 2017 and she has spent the last two years on hiatus recovering. Nowember 2019 – marks the rebirth. Kiesza 2.0 is poised and ready to re-take the global stage with her own unique brand of pop music. Kiesza’s one of our faves. Listen as she roars back. Look for her accompanying Music Video which will release on the 6th ( Let’s go!

LYYN – Heat Wave

“Last summer, I was inspired to write ‘Heat Wave’ on a blisteringly hot day thinking about how the slow burn of a new crush can be more exciting than everything that happens afterwards…I was initially nervous to write something “sexy” because it was out of my comfort zone musically, but I’m glad I pushed forward and had fun with it! A lot of art and pop culture unfortunately depicts women (especially Asian women) as fantasy objects or passive conquests, so it’s important for me to show how our desires and fantasies are as valid as everyone else’s.” The New York City based singer/songwriter pulls off the painful memories and seek deep within the layers of meanings and noise of our lives.

Grayson Ty x Fleuke – One Regret

Grayson Ty is a singer-songwriter based out of Western Massachusetts. Grayson’s lovely vocal duet with Fleuke, times us out, and makes us sit back from the daily work, to reflect. A love of much, which overflowed with the intoxicating touch of her finger – on yours – intertwined in emotional investment. Harsh, and never perfect, love will flourish as the times will move forward. Grayson’s wish is that, for all of us, it’ll be alright again. Soon. See Grayson next @ Barrett’s Waterfront, Fall River, Mass on November 22nd.

Beck Pete – Vertigo

“I am dedicated to love, feelings, self-awareness, and telling stories about those things,” said Beck Pete. “I am a muse-based writer, inspired by moments and people that make me feel a little extra alive. For the rest of my life, I just hope to make people feel less alone and more understood…cohesive art motivated from a real place that helps ease people into understanding that vulnerability and strength can only exist in tandem.” Sensual, and true to her body of work, Beck Pete drives with realism and delectable sense for the ironic. The world is what it is. And you are who you are. It’s a sense of dignity that sets us all apart. Or rather, sets us all within cliques for domination or subjugation. Inspiration is divine, not until you deem it so. You must burn that fire, to get the furnace for your real self to ignite, with ever potency and grit. In Beck Pete, the best in traditions for strength and focus, comes through in tinged edges. It’s what sets her apart. It’s what hope can feel like.

Saul Rivers – Change

Born and bred in New York City, Rivers began taking piano lessons at the age of three. By the time he was 16, he’d learned his way around the trumpet, the clarinet, the alto sax, the tenor sax and the guitar. John Mayer, Eric Clapton, B.B. King and James Taylor comes to mind when Saul Taylor sings. Said Saul: “I wrote Change back in 2017 and it was one of those songs that just poured out of me in one sitting. I had just turned 28 and was reflecting on how I got to where I was, and what I wanted to create for myself. As I could feel my 20’s starting to slip away from me, I wanted to take some time to think about the changes I wanted to make in my life to prepare myself for the upcoming decade. It’s naturally a bit frightening to think about not being as young as you used to, but I also realized that I’d gotten to a point in my life where I could be excited about letting go of the things that aren’t important to me, and spending more time and energy on the things that really do matter most.” ‘Change’ is a song about acceptance. It is about accepting himself first for what he’s defined for himself his past 30 years on this earth. Turning a chapter’s page is hard. So many regrets. So many ‘could haves’. But the Universe laws can’t give us a return to that past. We must move forward, moving the pieces around for the new experiences to come. Saul is a beautiful songwriter, with stories to tell. He’d like you to join him in his journey.


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