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Kill Chicago – Show Me

They don’t look it, but KILL CHICAGO are a 4 piece band made up of Greg Webber, Matt Bowie, Dillon Anthony, and Zach Atkinson, who can slice your life off with their offerings. ‘Show Me’ is a dynamic rock tune with highs and lows; peaks and valleys, that just grabs ahold of your rollercoaster wanting self, and doesn’t let go. The premiere side of the song is first, the vocals. The excoriating vigilance and hustle of the lyrics bounce off of this fabulous rock presentation with glee and pleasant surprise. The message of the storytellers from New Brunswick Canada keeps it simple but oh so tasty with ‘Show me’. We get why their shows would be electrifying and so much fun. For the energy exuded comes through without filter. Their upcoming album, ‘The Fix’ (November 8th) will bring more of the same anthemic / heroic amplitude of goodness to the rest of us. There, we will listen with smiles on our faces. Let’s all join in.


From the upcoming release ‘Moon Fields Yawning’ comes RAYGUN CARVER’s single ‘Carry On’. The project is from the mind and heart of singer/songwriter Michael Soiseth. With tinges of tongue-in-cheek vibes, sprinkled around the edges of ‘Carry On’, the serious dialect of love and confusion, sprouts new wings for the future ahead. But must get out of this current, and present danger of being left behind. She worries. He worries for her. One knows one cannot be themselves, without the other. Life won’t be as fulfiled and colorful. So they wait. For each other’s confidence to build. They wait some more, until that time to put foot in front of the other, can start again. Love is sacrifice. “I’ll wait for you.” This single is a beautiful display of Michael’s musical sincerity. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

The Morning Sea – Mad in Berlin

Brooklyn based band, THE MORNING SEA, offers up ‘Mad in Berlin’, and through it we got to feel what emotions can feel like in full detail. Off of the upcoming album ‘Half Keys’ the band manages to fabulously depict what love and closing that emptiness, prior to that new possibility. A new love and interest, can be a transition, that is overwhelming. A new stranger where a new spark of reciprocating vibes, gained both of your attention, is excitement and angst, of the first order. The dramatic and sweeping gallantry, honesty casts a question mark of self-reliance and confidence to go through with a new page in life. Lush and eventful, the absolute nostalgia from the harmonies of ‘Mad In Berlin’ is the prescription to your tinge of apprehension. Frontman, Adam Cohen started teh band in 2013, and has been moving and shaking in the NYC music scene ever since. Adam’s long time collaborator and producer, Sonny Ratcliff, combine aesthetics and ingenuity in the songs. A New York grit, in loving caress and story telling acumen. Band is made up of Adam Cohen, Sonny Ratcliff, Georgia Weber, and Jacob Fjeldheim.

County Line Runner – Cold Dawn

Alter ego of Adam Day, COUNTY LINE RUNNER, is a substrate of burdens and such manifestations that comes about within the line of notes which Adam portrays. The portraits in framed ambitions, harbor such lengths of submission, energy, and acceptance in ‘Cold Dawn’. Stated Adam: “‘Cold Dawn’ is really about how some things have a way of catching up with you…This song I’d written and then kind of buried, until my guitar player Sam asked about it during a recording session. Some things you write and don’t want to re-live, but Sam really connected with it and I’m glad that he helped bring it back.” COUNTY LINE RUNNER is named after a 90’s TV show character, who robbed banks across county lines. CLR’s intuitions in music building, as dark as can be like Johnny Cash, and the like, shimmers, in the folds of Adam’s word play.

Agriculture – Cú Chulainn

“This song is from the perspective of a dog that won’t get adopted at a rescue centre, due to it’s troubled past – it’s a fate no dog should ever go through!” Conscientious body of work is what AGRICULTURE can be. Wiltshire, England based artist is concerned. And in this latest single ‘Cú Chulainn’ (Irish for ‘Culann’s Hound’ – a mythical hero who appears in the stories of the Ulster Cycle, as well as in Scottish and Manx folklore) the artist ponders: “I think this also draws interesting parallels to how we treat humans that are in prison – to what extent does wider society believe somebody can change for the better?” The answer is mixed, as of yet in our human history, but from what we hear in this single, we think AGRICULTURE’s essence drives towards the more optimistic trend of the spectrum. “I simply really enjoyed inhabiting the head-space of this character and recording the song,” continued the artist, “which I think is quite unique in its premise. Also, the title is a nod to my Irish heritage.”

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