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So, there he was. Jack Killen is his name. He took no prisoners. His 6 shooter pistols rang up and down the streets of ol’ rough and tumble country-side named ‘Brooklyn’. That range is a tough place. But sure is charming.

Jack thinks so. He’s always thought so.

From afar, we can feel what his music could mean to him. His music releases the bound limitations we, humans, often accept. Jack, at least in his musical pronouncements, do not accept that declarations by the powers – somewhere, out there.

His new EP is to drop on February 9th.

He loves that. His handlers love that.

And by the mere fact that we’re writing about this EP, we love the music on it as well.

It’s a good thing for all of us humans.

‘Black Sneakers On Concrete’ is a 6 song EP that we kinda like. Well, let’s rephrase that. We like A LOT. Like ‘stalker’ like.

It’s a gang of songs that represents the ‘pureness’ (in quotes mind you) of what Jack is and always will be: “the (non) son of a preacher-man, who grew up, and has made some innovative and fabulous music.” His philosophy on music making is something we can relate, as fans, and as people who love new and innovative projects.

Here are short descriptions of each song:

  • Invisible Guy: “Synth trip, back from the future asking yourself why you went on the trip, then remembering why.”
  • Terrible Criminal: “Piano backed, rockin’ description of a possible co-worker (or a girl); observations, possible predictions, with a pinch of salt.”
  • Pound For Pound: “It’s that movie where the protagonist’s soul is searched – overcomes many odds. A la Rocky, but with some Princess Bride, in cowboy boots.”
  • Blood On The Floor: “Imagine this song’s music video taking place with leather jacket, bandana, shades, down at the docks of Long Island City of year 2125 – exhibiting awesome hair-do and attitude.”
  • Tired Of Being Broke: “It’s raw. It’s plainly lit. It glows in the dark – this is what we said in our earlier review.”
  • El Shit Holio: “‘Asshole Romeo.’ Emotional. Get drunk and wash the memories away.”

It’s good. Very good.

The only bad thing maybe to come out of this is that the Expections are way, way higher for the future offerings Jack can muster.

But we have a sneaking feeling that he’ll be able to manage – and then some.

KILLEN is the project of Jack Killen, and his humor, descriptions, rock is refreshing and so much fun. The mix of genres (& sub-genres) of rock, soft-rock, indie, new wave, etc is a welcome addition to the Universe.

The EP drops February 9th.

Order the album [HERE]


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