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KILLEN (Jack Killen) shares ‘Invisible Guy’ (The Official Video)

We’re not shy about saying that we’re fans of KILLEN, the fabulous project by Jack Killen. We can hear his attitude, talent, and his ‘growl’ in each and every song. The dedication is evident. And in the music video of his single ‘Invisible Guy’ supports our hypothesis, and comes through with..well..’growl’ – as we’d expected!

And we wouldn’t have it any other way, for Jack’s ‘Billy Idol’ like muzzle, comes through, enhancing our sometimes, mundane lives.

The music video is inspired by ‘Rocky Horror’. But to be honest, who cares. Jack’s face is all that’s needed. The stage IS Jack. He’s a consummate entertainer, and shows to the hilt. The setting is simple: drive down somewhere in NYC, ranting, shaping, story-telling, profilin’.

It’s good. Simple. Done. Juicy.

Marion Mauran and Javier Alvarez, paid homage to the driing montage in Rocky IV, and the moodiness of Less Than Zero. The seedy feel of the area near Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn, the video certainly highlights the excellent efforts of what the Song has to offer.

‘Invisible Guy’ is the third single from the February 9th release of the KILLEN’s EP ‘Black Sneakers on Concrete’ (the first two being ‘Tired of Being Broke’ and ‘Terrible Criminal’).

Listen to the full EP, Black Sneakers on Concrete.

KILLEN is rep’ed by the folks at Axis Mundi, in NYC.



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