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KILLEN – Terrible Criminal (Single Debut)

Killen, one of our fave ‘oddity’ (strictly musically, mind you) is back quickly with his NEXT single ‘Terrible Criminal’. It is a single from the upcoming EP ‘BLACK SNEAKERS ON CONCRETE’ which we’d commented on prior.

A “Piano backed, rockin’ description of a possible co-worker (or a girl); observations, possible predictions, with a pinch of salt.”

It’s scrumptious by itself / It’s an awesome song.

A strawberry dessert ending, when included in the form of this EP.

About Jack Killen (aka KILLEN) and his new EP: “It’s a gang of songs that represents the ‘pureness’ (in quotes mind you) of what Jack is and always will be: “the (non) son of a preacher-man, who grew up, and has made some innovative and fabulous music.” His philosophy on music making is something we can relate, as fans, and as people who love new and innovative projects.”

Yep, we are high on this publication.

You should be too.

Oh, check out ‘Tired Of Being Broke’ too- another of his singles from the same upcoming EP.

Buy [HERE]



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