KillKiyoshi Shares ‘Riva Doors’ (prod. Jesus Noris). “Get with the art. The art for understanding.”

With hindsight always twenty-twenty, it’s very likely that our future won’t be. And that’s okay, in a way, for KillKiyoshi. In our interpretation of his works, the chill-dub / hiphop / pop artist, negates any confessions in guilt, as he only sees himself as a vessel for the feelings of human being to reflect upon.

In a POV moment, the artist who is monikered under KillKiyoshi, renders the perpetual daylight into sad and unassumingly, vapid cause for alarm. In this wild and unpredictable (at times) existence, the solace for the ‘unknowable’ gleans a short and succinct absolution at the methods in expression.

As we’d mentioned, we think KillKiyoshi is okay with that.

In his latest release ‘Riva Doors’, the slow but antithetical bass beats, hum and move forward, as dependably as your heartbeat. With quixotic dance moves and irresistible hums of the artist’s vocals, the listener could be electrified to silence.

Radical, and solemn; insolent but empathetic – round and round the twirls in the game of the heart, keeps on keepin’ on.

Breaking, aching, loving. Then once around for more invigorating cycle.

“The lyrics for the song were meant for people to relate to when going through rough situations,” stated KillKiyoshi.

We think so too.

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