KillKiyoshi // Steven Homme // Frogcodile // Katey Brooks // Joy Downer

KillKiyoshi – Pistachio (feat. Rin) prod. Jesus Noris

There was a time when we were perfect for each other. Those are the days when it would be perfect to watch the falling snow outside the window together. With hot cups of tea on our lips, our lips meetings afterwards. But it’s been very hard, after our break up. The rolling memories of those good times, the small mundane times, makes it hard to move on. Will it be enough time to get over you? Are you already over us? ‘Pistachio’ is a fab collaboration with Rin and Jesus Noris.

Steven Homme – Pass My head

Belonging to a species that is impulsive and downright animalistic, at times, is a difficult starting point for maintaining civility. You, STEVEN HOMME, us, all of us belong to this nature’s club. That’s why when a significant other gets into our fiber of our being, it’s hard not to obsess. But we need to move on with our lives. Can’t be thinking about her/him all the time right? Well, technically – though won’t be too fruitful or productive, but we can. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just an indication of how much love all of us need in our lives. Steven knows. He knows more than most of us. Word. Dig it.

Frogcodile – Craving

The band drops groovy and emotive selection of their music to the masses. FROGCODILE is a band that is serious as a heart-attack, with a distinctive and memorable sensibility. The indie-rock band offers up electronic and traditional elements to intice and trigger the little switch in your head. The neo-grunge sounds deflect and warm up to that deeply embedded emotion we harbor. A secret that we can never reveal. A secret that we can never befriend. The cries of the single ‘Craving’ is that scream – a primal and undulating scream – perturbed with absence and absence of mind. A thorough state of emotional relativity.

Katey Brooks – In Your Arms

Geez. What can we say about KATEY BROOKS’ ‘In Your Arms’. It is ecstasy. Her voice makes our spine peak up, and instantly fall in love. No matter how hard thing will be, we have hope and smiles for the unknown future when Katey sings for us. The stunning single is beautiful in every way. We are entrenched in her warmth. Her musicianship is exquisite in this choral and other-worldly vocal extravaganza. The single is love. She stated: “In my most recent work I’ve finally been able to sing directly about women instead of using the mysterious ‘you’. I want to sing completely honestly”.

Joy Downer – Plastic Wrap

Fading in the sea of faces is what JOY DOWNER’s new single ‘Plastic Wrap’ is all about. What are you when you blend in? Could it really be a self-fulfilling exercise? We keep our external masks, as Joy states, and we keep on going. The trend of such endeavors is never lacking for employees. And with the flittering and downright fanciful vocals of JOY DOWNER cuts through the clutter. You can’t deny her remarkably refreshing take on music. The Los Angeles artist is working hard to make her follow up to her 2017 EP ‘Radio Dreamer’ a reality very soon. And we just can’t wait.

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