Kills Birds Shares ‘Jesus Did’. “Jet fighters of viscous truths.”

Off of their upcoming debut self titled LP (Sept 19th), the KILLS BIRDS seeks out your pumping veins and just gently and methodically want to drain you of your soul. ‘Jesus Did’ is a scream fest, growl that manifests as reluctance for human connection and the hidden meanings that pour out with envy, jealousy, love, and possibilities. None are exclusive; none are consequences to each other. The formats in societal constructs melt down into a puddle of mercury, slipping, sliding…


If you don’t know, KILLS BIRDS is headed by Nina Ljeti and guitarist Jacob Loeb. Joined by Fielder Thomas (bass) and Bosh Rothman on drums, the quartet are jet fighters of viscous truths, melted into the coaxing and delicious crust of non, non-conformity.

Nina elaborated: “’Jesus Did’ is a song about my frustrations with the LA scene. When I moved here I felt very alone. I was constantly surrounded by people who were difficult to connect with. Individuals who had the luxury of never having to fight for anything, who were born with all the privilege in the world. They all walk around the clubs and bars like gods with nothing to preach. But though I struggle to connect with them, I also wish I could be exactly like them. I think things would be easier.”

Accidents happen. And being born to privilege is one of them.

At least we can sing our hearts out about it.

KILLS BIRDS is fab and we’ll await the LP.

You should too.

Nina’s watching you.


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