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Kilns // Stevie C. Bowen // The Malthusian Trap // HOLT // LUNA CRUISE

Kilns – Split

“The more we realised that we didn’t need to belong anywhere in particular, we started to feel like we belonged,” explained frontman Mickey Cooper. “The familiar and the unfamiliar, the cool and the uncool, the hi and the lo fi: I’ve always been drawn to things that are made in the spaces between.” Having released singles ‘Go Slowly’, ‘Pinky Finger’, and ‘So Close’, Kilns have received airplay on Triple J, earned their place on several coveted Spotify playlists & supported the likes of San Cisco, British India, PLANET, These New South Whales, Rat!Hammock and Merpire. Consisting of the decadent prowess of members Mickey Cooper, James McGuffie, Sam Swain, and Davey Noordhoff, ‘Split’ is another beautifully indie offering that soars beyond the pre-stacked edges that it should belong to. Alt-country vibes single themselves out as the waves of goodness don on colors of shimmer with the moving and shaking dusts of a relationship that was. It’s okay. It’s alright. You’ve been nominated for a fabulous future. At least that’s what you need to tell yourself. ‘Split’ can get you there. One hundred percent. See them next @ Sooki Lounge, Victoria Australia on November 21st.

Stevie C. Bowen – Delirious

“My name is Stevie C. Bowen, and I’m a slide guitar (and non-slide) player from southeastern VA, but I’ve been based in Brooklyn, NY for about 10 years now… Throughout that time I’ve learned a lot and grown into my own as an artist and guitarist, and I felt it was time to get something that really represented me out into the world. So I spent the last year pouring my heart and soul into this EP, with whatever free time I could muster between working two jobs and trying to stay afloat in New York City.” The specific craft of slide guitar, is an exercise of expanding a tool of seemingly infinite method for expression, onto a new layer of that profession. In the right hands, it is magic. And What Stevie C. Bowen brings is that craft in technique, but most importantly, of vibe and story telling. A single cannot have the complete package, without injecting it with ‘love’. ‘Delirious’ was written by Stevie, for his mother, whom he respects and loves very much. With all of the ups and downs, there has always the unwavering support, which most of us can appreciate and relate. That love is here. Off of his latest EP ‘Music from the Rooms of My Head’ (out now), the New York City based artist does it right.

The Malthusian Trap – Air Gets Thin

The Malthusian Trap are an indie-electronic band based in Devon, the band is made up of Doug Bishop on bass guitar, James Cox on guitar and Damon Foster on vocals. The band formed in 2016 playing in underground music venues in major cities across the UK including Manchester, Liverpool, London, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, and Plymouth. The band’s lyrical content is inspired by a dystopian vision of life in the UK, post-industrial town/city living and politics. And isn’t that apropos, eh? The righteousness of the guitar, bass, and drums, work seamlessly and in unison to breathe in life that is observably driven and groovin’ to the haunting vocal style. It’s a 90’s gritty Brit-town anxiety expressed in angsty excitement, but all of it riding the beautifully nostalgic simmer and shine tinged, inevitably, with the ol’ Madchester growl. It’s intoxicating, really. So may collages of scenes of the past, mix furiously as yo see this band pound you into the basic atoms. The band recorded their second EP Culture Test in 2019 and saw The Malthusian Trap record with renowned sound engineer Jon Burton (Bombay Bicycle Club, The Prodigy) at MU Studios in Sheffield. See them next @ The Apple And Parrot, Torquay November 22nd.

HOLT – Silo

HOLT is an artist who is building a reputation for intricate dark and cinematic soundscapes. Her most recent release, Tower, draws on themes of vulnerability and inner strength represented by her father. This year HOLT has been slowly building towards her upcoming EP, which is out early November. Said HOLT: “The video for Silo perfectly captures the images in my head when I was writing the song. It’s a very emotional one for me, and the meditative super slow mo shots made in Dungeness manage to communicate and translate that to the viewer/listener really effectively.” Amy Holt is the project, HOLT. And when you listen to ‘Silo’, the gravity of its burgeoning undulations, heaving shoulders, and thriving synthetic notes, release you from the shackles of known opportunities. Open mouth, and exhilarated by the flow of the song, you keep watch, and listen, to the poetry of emotions, dripping from this uber talented artist. HOLT’s influences include: Bat for Lashes, Bjork, and Enya, Massive Attack and Nils Frahm. What develops in her head and heart, are meticulous series of story telling pieces that shoot from the hip, without collecting un-necessary collateral damage. Because when you’re invested, there must be a destruction of part of you. HOLT’s single ‘Silo’ is that antidote to that challenge.

LUNA CRUISE – Redeemer

Jacksonville based Luna Cruise is forming a contemporary sound reminiscent of classic rock icons with a new age twist. Sixties psychedelic nostalgia through their driving grooves ooze out of this modern reflection of what that decade could have been. Kris Heironimus (Vocals), Jerry Mansell (Bass), Zach Vannoy (Drums/Guitar), Sean Harris (Guitar), and Marcus Herdon (Keys) aren’t the children of the hippy generation. But we believe they have the ghosts of that generation beaming out of their chests. It’s not just a song that feels like the past. It’s more than that. The attitude and arrangement idiosyncrasies are of masterful ‘fu*k yous’ and ‘do it our way’ vision that just works so well in this song. At times feeling serious, at times feeling tongue-in-cheek, the song culminates into this emotional spit-fest that encroaches into the realms of Danzig and The Doors. Odd? Yes. But oh so distinct that you have to listen and vibe. You just don’t know what’s going on. At the end of it all, all you want is a bottle of beer and yourself alone with your headphones. You can call it ‘ravenous’.


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