Kiltro ‘If I Lead’ : Fascinating world, somewhere both familiar and foreign.


‘Creatures of Habit’, the debut album from Denver-based, Chilean-folk rock band Kiltro, has put the emerging trio on the musical map. Seamlessly weaving ambient textures and looping guitars, Andean folk with flashes of shoegaze and lively percussion, Kiltro has created a fascinating world, somewhere both familiar and foreign.

Kiltro’s story, as it were, requires more than a modicum of globe-trotting. Frontman Chris Bowers Castillo was born to a Chilean mother and American father and raised in a Spanish-speaking home in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. He spent childhood summers with his mother’s family in Santiago, and later moved to San Pedro de Atacama, a small town in northeast Chile near the Bolivian border. While there he lived in a dorm and worked in a five-star hotel, traipsing back and forth between the two spots through the desert at the hottest and coldest times of day.

Creatures of Habit oscillates between cultures, influences, perspectives, and languages. It delves into ambient textures using a bevy of looping pedals without sacrificing beautiful and classical guitar-work directly connected to the lineage of Andean folk matriarch Violeta Parra and Argentinian master Atahualpa Yupanqui.


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