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KIMBERLY TOWNSEND Shares New Single ‘Steps’. A Beautifully Descriptive And Layered Lyrical Exercise.

With a tinge of optimism in KIMBERLY TOWNSEND’s voice the latest single ‘Steps’, the song drives home of recognizing what hinders our ways of widening our views and deepening methods to growing in substance. In this beautifully descriptive and layered lyrical exercise, Kimberly handedly shifts from one emotion to another, intended to understand and empathize.

There is a pause to any kind of healing. Even if outwardly there is no visible evidence of slowing down. A self-induced hibernation from the amount of hurt that has gashed a deep wound in the heart and mind, of one. The one who is you, us, all of us – one time or another.


Chipping away.

Step forward. Two steps back.

And it’s okay.

Kimberly is a fantastic NYC singer/songwriter who brings charm and inspiration to her writing. The folk based outputs emotions to the fore, exhibiting her unique vocal style and story telling abilities. Get to know Kimberly.

The artist’s debut album ‘The History And The Heart Of It’ will be released in single form on top platforms. The full album drops January 18, 2019.




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