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Kind Skies // Porcine // Tromsø Complex // Valentin Marx // Melisandre’s Beaver

Kind Skies – Love Song on W. Washington Street

From Kind Skies’ upcoming 8 song EP ‘Certainly Optimistic’ (October 18th), their single single ‘Love Song On W. Washington Street’ curves out of dimensions through this viably undulating hues of indie colors as it continues to travel a un-weathered path. “This song is about lack of direction, relationships falling apart, the desire for commitment,” said Kind Skies. Consisting of Chris Boss, Stephen Boss, Kristian Sheeley, and Caleb Wallace, predicts moments in time and situation with delightful tinge of capsulated images, thrust on a delicate bed of roses in this single. It shimmers as the best traditions of bands like Pixies, Low, Yo La Tengo, and Pavement guide our inner listening, to new heights. The Lexington, Kentucky based band brings contrasts, not just for contrast sake. And the heaving of stories, bursting at the seams, rely upon the listener to join them in their quest for discovery.

Porcine – Carnivorous Me

‘Carnivorous Me’ is a deeply personal song about substance abuse and the ever-shifting perspective of the addict. Australian musician Brodie Roberts, started in the second half of 2018. aggressive, ol’ school spoken word rap, graced with hard-rock expositions, twist and waft in the hurricane of personal thoughts and emotions that only Brodie can exhume. From the graves of memories, Brodie’s project Porcine, is that shovel for the dead, the un-dead, the reliant. From the gritty vocal expressions and the absolute crashing animosities amplified by the thumping drums, the bay of content may not be for you after all. Are you tough enough? Are you insane enough? Are you grown up enough, to view what you are really made of? From 2010 to 2012, Brodie was a fixture of his local music scene in Bendigo, Victoria; playing live with two wild, abrasive alternative-rock bands. By the end of 2012 he was a drug-added mess, leaving both his home town and the music scene to get his life back in order. There’s a music video on the way. Look for it.

Tromsø Complex – Til You’re Gone

Tromsø Complex is an alt-rock duo comprising of a couple of pals called Dan and Patrick. Originating from Liverpool and Bristol, their music is fueled by a love of 90s rock with distorted guitars and an eclectic blend of synths, combining soft spoken harmonies and simple, catchy pop melodies. Palm tree loves, and sunshine kisses are appointed throughout this delicate and charming single ‘Til You’re Gone’. A mattress full of money, can’t deny the ultimate grip from the love found in the beckoning glimpses of what truly could have been – in this lifetime – in this time of majestic statements of ‘I love you-s’. Said the duo: “This the the first single from British Rock band Tromsø Complex. Working with Rasmus Bredvig from Tapetown studios, our debut single has a shoegazy feel in the style of Empire of the Sun, Built to Spill, and early Tame Impala. It’s jangly but forceful, with attitude.”

Valentin Marx – Maria

Off of their ‘Slow Down Vision Zero’ EP, Valentin Marx offers single ‘Maria’. The 2nd single out of 5 tracks, the folksy, Dylan-like vocals transpire with understated shine and luster, as the lazy days of thinking and waning, then imagining and smiling, about the warmth of the one truth – you begin to ponder about the possibilities. Valentin Marx is an indie rock band hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Originally formed in 2012, they have reemerged with a lineup change and two brand new singles, ‘Last Time’ and ‘Made Up’. Consisting of Andrew Kissel, Travis Pinkston, and Brian Yurachek, the trio sets the scene in ‘Maria’ with tropical pop falls upon your anxious shoulders to alleviate the stresses, in calypso bound celebrations. The lovingly crafted charm, exudes with loving guitar licks, innuendos, teases and reverberations. The echoes of Valentin Marx, is just a whisper away.

Melisandre’s Beaver – Brother

Melisandre’s Beaver’s single ‘Brother’ is a “tongue in cheek song about the ridiculous man that is Hulk Hogan. Snappy, simple, fun.” But if you listen, it’s in the tradition of the latter side of Metallica. Hard rock, unapologetic, and willing to keep on keepin’ on. Melisandre’s Beaver is a 3 piece punk band project hailing from Kent, the UK. Members, Dan, Mac, Nesbo keeps thing simple and direct, with thumping drums and rock n’ roll guitar power chords, that combine to drive the demons from your everyday, away. Shoo, shoo, we say! And what’ll you know? You guessed it, they’re going at Halloween with full gusto. See them next @ The Harp Restrung, in Kent, November 1st. Get rowdy and bring Rowdy Roddy Piper along for the party. The ‘Real American’ Hulk Hogan, will show you his ‘python’ arms at the shindig. Whoa. Melisandre’s Beaver should suffice, thank you.


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