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King Corduroy Shares ‘Workin’ for a Livin”. “It just works, to a tee.”

It’s just good. Dang good. It’s what a slow trip down the bayou would imagine like, on a slow summer’s day. It’s you dripping with sweat from the dangling sun overhead, a big ol’ smile of confidence and consequence, while slowly meandering the beautiful glades of nature.

Southern. Rock. Bliss. Soul. Blues.

KING CORDUROY’s single ‘Workin’ For A Livin’ just works to ta tee.

“It’s all about storytelling,” explains the musician, who was raised in Montgomery, Alabama, before logging time in cities like Austin, Los Angeles, Todos Santos, and Nashville. “I go around, I see stuff, and then I report it by telling these stories. There are different types of troubadours who have carried that tradition. Ernest Tubb was The Texas Troubadour. Woody Guthrie was The Dustbowl Troubadour. I’m a cosmic troubadour — The Cosmic Troubadour of Southern Soul.”

King is a rootsy vibe that never seems to quit. From his full length debut of ‘Austin Soul Stew’, he’s been on that rewarding trek in his colorful career. He’s an optimist whom believes that one person can positively effect an outcome, no matter which corner of existence you’d originated.

Spiritual in genesis, and warmly enveloping in nature, KING CORDUROY’s advocacy seeps deep into his song writing and outcomes.

He works hard to do so, every step he can.

In his latest collection of works named ‘Avalon Ave.’, that character of anchor strong conviction continues.

So, enjoy ‘Workin’ For A Livin’ and think to yourself that things are better than you think.

Become a better you.

KING would approve.

See King Corduroy with Clayton Colvin next on August 17th in Nashville.



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