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KING – Don’t Let Me Down

Fail?! Heck no. Love can make you mad and angry, but it’s beautiful when it all clicks. KING (Gabriela Olmedo) knows this, but it’s always more fun when an artist with such talents can produce a tongue in cheek (but serious) single like ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. “Don’t Let Me Down is the quickest I’ve written a song by far. I don’t mean that in a cocky way: I just wrote it at the right moment. When feelings take over it’s surprising how everything just floats…Love is a risky space. You almost sign up to fail, but if you never take a chance, then you’ll never know if you can win. It’s not a game, but there’s high-risk, high-reward right? I think we all can relate to that. These are the emotions I put into the song.” The Dane producer makes it look simple. We sure are glad she makes stuff like this though. Let’s dance!

J-Rob MD – Young Love (feat. Lenny B)

“I’ve always been much more concerned with writing great songs than sticking strictly to one genre,” said J-ROB MD. “I don’t always need the biggest drops… but I always try to create the biggest songs.” Featuring the vocals of Jared Mitchell, the soaring single dedicated for the young love in all of us, the song flies with gumption and never lets go. “There’s so much great music out there, sometimes I’m feeling a deep house track, the next day it’s a soaring trance anthem, and sometimes it’s a dance pop song. So when I sit down in the studio, I just like to go where the vibe takes me.” Word doc. Word.

D.N.Alien – Topika Club

London based electronica producer Alan Belmont and Pamela Fom are the project, D.N.ALIEN. ‘Topika Club’ is a decadent trek through that golden wilderness of sights and sounds. The spikes of delicious notes, parry against the constance of the Universe at hand. The coarse textures, smoothed out by the relativity of the beats, combine to harness the flight of all flights. The iridescence depths and ol’ school radiation from this single, is a transcendental vision of simplicity and rousing aggravation for the inner heart. Dancing to the hum of the galactic attitudes, rain down in this single with no apologies.

VOWED & Benwah – Slavic Shake

18 year old VOWED is a signed Parisian musician and producer/DJ. The talented artist hits at all levels of stride in this single ‘Slavic Shake’. The infectious attention to electronic revelation, consumes with palpable bass and tweets, as the single slowly asphyxiates the dull and the norm out of your reality. Trance and house belongs in this dome of goodness, as VOWED and BENWAH give a tight and invigorating experience. The DJ has been supported by artists like Absence, Tomsize, ESKEI 83, Levi & Suiss, Danny Darko, Steve Omen and more. VOWED has played clubs in Paris such as the VIRGO, Les Planches, Le Concorde Atlantique, and the Seven Spirits opening for Tomsize.

ViVien – By Yourself

ViVien is the DJ/producer from in Liège, Belgium (but based in Melbourne Australia) has the knack. The knack for what beats makes your heart beat. The knack for what drives us, at the deep end, to turn and frolic with our demons. ‘By Yourself’ writhes in the visuals of sound and mind. Rooted from the voluminous history of techno, the DJ delivers with fresh look at mixes. Uplifting and soul stirring, ViVien thrives on the unambiguously energetic and insistent. Let yourself in with ViVien.


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