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Nicolas Boulay

King Jane – Verdin

Brooklyn based, ultra soothing, ultra evocative, soft-rock/indie band KING JANE just makes things look easy. With glimmering coat of shimmer and ol’ school lyrical romanticism in their writing DNA, the single ‘Verdin’ pops from the paperworks and makes your fibers of being, glance in subjugation. You melt with each touch of the stars, as the flickering in demanding vocals and soaring highs, develop your taste for textures, overwhelmed and sustained into the atmosphere. Michael Sanders, Kenny Florence, Sean Atkinson, and Lex Nordlinger make up KING JANE and in this single, recorded between April 2018 and Feb 2019, is a whimsical seriousness of classic rock pop, as in the traditions of Tom Petty, and Rick Springfield. New EP ‘Deep in the Garden’ is available now.

Mowgli Shore – Old Face

MOWGLI SHORE’s single ‘Old Face’ is off of the recently released EP ‘Primavera’. Mowgli said: “I still remember the moment I decided to change my stars. Five years ago, I uprooted my entire life to pursue a dream in music and chose to live a life of my own making. I quit my job in Chicago, left my home with a laptop and a MIDI keyboard, and moved to Europe to experience a world beyond everything I ever knew. But it took a trip halfway across the world to find meaning in something familiar: my mother’s homeland. In a quaint mountain village in northern Italy, I discovered my sound and crafted my debut EP, Primavera, and I’ve lived as a musician, writer, and librarian in this town of 900 people ever since.” A ‘pursuit of our own destinies’ Mowgli added. But how flexible is that destiny? Do we shape it fully? Or is the Universe guiding us with absolution? It’s a perpetual question. For now, we revel in the lo-fi digital space of Mowgli. The Universe can wait, don’t you think?

DoublePlusGood – Honest Man

Erik Carlson is the man behind the voice of DoublePlusGood. Do you hear it? Do you feel it? In the soaring volumes of Erik’s fabulous vocals, the ghost of Roy Orbison like visions shine and pin you to that mural of love and loss. The song, ‘Honest Man’ is a cry for what could have been. And when that feelings of loss makes you cry like a little child, you’ve come full circle in accepting the best man/woman you can be. NOW. And forever. The forest is as thick as you’d want to make it. Let’s make it simple. The love you have for the one in front of you, is the way out of this existence of loneliness. Or is it? Let’s break the chain. Let’s be ‘honest’ first to yourself.

Jo Goes Hunting – That’s Not Me

Jimmi Jo Hueting is JO GOES HUNTING: “I taught myself guitar and piano and dived into the world of (analogue) synthesizers and samplers. All of these new paths contributed to the development of my compositions and productions that ultimately resulted in my solo project Jo Goes Hunting.” We know what you’re thinking. This song ‘That’s Not Me’ should be in an independent cult coming-of-age movie of the current era. Right? We agree. That chorus, with the delectable and unavoidable synth lick is beautified even further as the song traverses further into the solo bit. Wow. That’s all you can feelz. And when you write something with an emphasis of an extra letter ‘z’, you’re ‘IN’. The new single is off of the upcoming 2nd album (November), and it’s a doozy of a beaut. Following his debut album ‘Come, Future’, Jimmi does it again – and then some.

Bellflower – Upside Down

Memorable, powerful, anthemic, and all in an indie-prog/jazz-core, BELLFLOWER is an incantation of outer limits, and gorgeous attention to symmetry. Musical symmetry that is. ‘Upside Down’ is a travel through the universe. Your ship of emotions slowly get to speed, increasing with each heartbeat, and of each incling of your desires. The planets, the stars, the galaxies, pass you in haste, but not without embedding the beauty of what’s ‘out there’. The exictement of the unknown – depicted in shrouded contentment and horns, ‘Upside Down’ is led by the beautiful vocals of Em Pompa, which guides us in perpetuity. The band is an amalgam of so many spices. It teases with ample confidence and talent. The band is made up of: Em Pompa, William Côté, Félix Petit, Jérémi Roy, Jérôme Beaulieu, Nicolas Boulay, Alex Dodier, and Kath Samman. Unique and limitless are the descriptions for this offering. The Montreal originating band is a ‘grand energy’ we all should keep an eye on.


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