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KING KY0TE Shares ‘(I Need That) Y-O-G-A’. “Come Play. It’s About Time.”

KING KY0TE’s ‘(I Need That) Y-O-G-A’ brings the smooth in the chorus progression that we love to bob up-and-down to. We’re in our t-shirts, doing our work, listening, pondering, and realizing that we’re getting energy from this single like a cup of coffee. Like Folgers? Or more like Keurig (one little pack at a time).

Why are we going on about coffee? Number 1: we’re odd, if you’ve not noticed from our writing, and Number 2: as we’d mentioned, Ky0te’s single is a little bit of chest bumping attitude you need in the early morning. Heck, we had breakfast, are still a bit sleepy, but thing have to be done.

That’s when this single comes to play, and with a little help from our friend: the office speaker, we’re trying out best to go with the rhythm.

It’s a sight.

But it’s alright.

For we’re doing OUR thing, and getting it done well.

Good stuff Ky0te.

With KK’s crystal rhyming and succinct manner in transitioning thought to total strangers, his brand of songs should bring love and joy to many. The Bronx located artist is also Chief Love Officer at his record label, Hoolyville.



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