King Leon ‘Genki Girl’ : A song where we’d like to be. Maybe someday, somehow.

King Leon

In the advent of music evoking nostalgia to distract from the divided world we live in today, rapper, singer, multi-instrumentalist and bedroom producer, King Leon, has capitalized off of the ‘lo-fi’ movement to make a unique sound of his own.

King Leon’s ‘Genki Girl’ was produced with a heart that cares. For the gal who stole his heart, then gazed into his eyes, saying “Don’t you dare”. A conversation that can only mean something between lovers, will soon steal your heart as well.

Drawing inspiration from some of the most influential sounds produced of the 1960s, such as Motown, Doo-Wop and the Wall of Sound, King Leon’s music has brought true nostalgic value of the era, to the genres beloved among the gentrification-affected youth in Los Angeles.

Oh by the way, King Leon is USC ‘21 Political Science and records/mixes on iPhones.

Go! Poli-sci! A major of champions.


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