King of Little Sweden ‘Better Off As Friends’ : Elicit nostalgia for unlived experiences.

King of Little Sweden

‘Better Off As Friends’ is the band’s second single with Rexius Records after a one-year hiatus. Its sound presents more visible R&B influences than its predecessor ‘I’ll Be Waiting’, while still preserving an indie pop approach.

Powerhouse Julia Jonsson’s vocals have the power to elicit nostalgia for unlived experiences. In combination with the intimate instrumental arrangement, King of Little Sweden results in a project somewhere in between the pop-influenced R&B of Janice and the DIY-approach of Swedish acts like Hello Saferide.

There’s also a touch of etherpop, evidenced by the vocal harmonizers reminiscent of Imogen Heap and the floating background melodies of the synth and guitar. Together with the soulful vocals, “Better Off As Friends” might at times evoke an abstract nostalgia that feels like yours, longing for something you haven’t yet lost.

The project was born in a studio with a reclusive mystique located 1675 meters above the sea, owned by their producer/manager and uncle, Sven du Gay. In Sven’s own words, his nephews Julia (vocals) and Love (songwriting) had spent many evenings singing and jamming together with the whole family Jonsson around the piano. Their call to record in Verbier in 2014 was just a very natural invitation to keep on with their musical gatherings. Along came Love’s friends, Johan and Ludvig, to complete the ensemble. The latest addition to the group is Jacob Hallberg (keyboards and new musical ideas).


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