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King of Little Sweden Shares ‘I’ll Be Waiting’. Life’s Little Joys And Acknowledgements.

The many years we yearn for someone, the angst of it all dissipates in a moment’s notice. Relief is born, and relief subsides the pains in your heart. The sharp and exquisite pain, dull in silence, and magnificent in longevity – all of it is gone.

Look into his big blue eyes, kind and loving, you melt in a heap of residual manifestation, of the former self.

You take his hand, his large but supportive hands, and hold it on your left facial cheek. So warm, so bold, you envelope your pride inside his palm.

You kiss it, and then he holds you up by your upper arms – then holds you, to your heart’s content.

You’ve finally found it.

The missing piece of that big bad and ugly puzzle.

The many years is just a simple ‘tomorrow’.

In his arms, and in your future’s security, you both melt – in contentment, and optimistic reprise.

KING OF LITTLE SWEDEN consists of dynamic musicians: Julia Jonsson, Love Jonsson, Ludvig Klint, Jacob Hallberg, and Sven du Gay.

Julia’s enigmatic and emotive vocals display, at the mercy of the heavens, impact life’s little joys and acknowledgements, succinctly and dramatically. The ‘feel’ is real.

‘I’ll Be Waiting’ is their label debut for Rexius Records.



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