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KING RAMBLER Dishes Out Single ‘How Blue’. It’s Going To Be A Better Day Than You’d Think.

KING RAMBLER is a project of John Michael Anderson (BANKS, Juliet Lewis) & Nich Suhr (Youngr, KFlay), and it is a blues drenched rock adjective that, if you’re down to screaming – when you’re ashamed to do so – this is the kind of screaming solo rock you’d prefer. There’s nothing really that can take that discomfort quickly from your life, but some sort of anesthetic will do…for the moment.

Rock you head from side to side. Feed that boa constrictor on your shoulders. Put the sunglasses back on.

It’s going to be a better day than you’d think.

The tight production is what we love about this single and the gang in KING RAMBLER. The spurts of keys in the single just glues things together, reminiscing traces of memories from Pink Floyd, and the tragedies they described within their stories and notes.

We at CHF, don’t review a lot of blues/rock ensembles, but sometimes we do. And for good reasons.

This single is a trip. Listen to the end 1/3rd. Classic and proven.




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