King Whisker ‘Television’ : Like you were again 14, and you wanted ice cream (but your mom told you, you just haven’t had dinner yet…)

King Whisker

Catchy vibrant, satirical, and oh so realz. King Whisker’s ‘Television’ is a fun single that is awesome to listen to and to dance to.

Yes. Dance. Like you’re a dad, but a bit more cooler. And bit more cooler, meaning, that you just realized you’ll be like your dad soon.

Yes. Jump. Like you were again 14, and you wanted ice cream (but your mom told you you just haven’t had dinner yet…).

Yes. Smile. Like you just saw the love of your life, but you’re nervous to how to approach. Meanwhile chomping on a Twizzler, just because.

Recorded by diverse artists (Gay, non-binary, Indian, bi-racial, female, bi-polar, autistic), this song was a labor of love, fully self-produced by an emerging group of art-punk/art rock DIYers.

Inspired by the (presidential) election, BLM movement, and COVID, the song is heavily veiled in pro-capitalistic entertainment worship.

Yo. It’s your turn to spin the bottle.


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