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Levi Manchak

Kingdom Of Birds – Goodbye

Not sure what’s going on but we sure do want to know what kind of water these fabulous indie artists are drinking. Ása, Sam, and Ewan make fabulous music together. And the kicker? They are aged 11 to 16 years old. And another kicker? They might make better music than you. Ása is the voice and guitar for the band, and her picking of the guitar chords is a succulent and drenched in expressions as any. ‘Goodbye’ is part of their latest 5 track ‘Glitz’ (available now) and the strums of the guitar, sets the stage for a delightful aura in sonic experience in the lyrical cascade. KINGDOM OF BIRDS have had the ears of many in the Toronto and Canadian public, but we think they should be going all over the place. Just too good, not to, if you know what we mean. Let’s make this happen.

Closet Organ – Smells Like Lynx Africa

CLOSET ORGAN is that itch that you cannot reach. It’s that subjugation of your mind that you cannot hack. It’s that amalgamation of an alternate Universe where Radiohead plays as harsh and as inquisitively as they could. Glasgow based 4 piece blows up that pipe-bomb at the local pond and feels all of the pond foliage pound down on your head from the heavens. What the heck happened! Stephen McLeod Blythe’s voice is…well…unforgettable. And it sticks. It irritates to a point of ecstasy. It is the good kind. And when the band joins forces to offer up a song like ‘Smells Like Lynx Africa’, we scratch our heads, not because we didn’t take a shower yet, but because we’re perplexed at how much we like it. The band stated: “The one thing that we never wanted to be is yet another band full of boring bastards playing the same generic indie/classic rock pish that is indistinguishable from the band that came before them.” Well, well, well.

Actor – Actors

Don’t you love this?? We sure do. First, Tom Cruise starts things off. That is just a cultural click bait, and it’s fabulous. Then all of the interviews of ‘Actors’ are stuck together to an engrossing short story of sorts. Don’t you love this? It’s like a wall painting, hung up at MOMA, and it’s moving like 3D stickers while you’re looking at it. Then you get hungry and go upstairs at the MOMA to eat, wait on line a bit because it’s very crowded on the weekend evening, and then you eat. You wished you were looking and listening to ‘Actors’ once again, for the meal price was a bit heavy. The song is about actors and snippets of interviews they’d done. But done in a very charismatic way. Bravo.

Johnny Football Hero – Badyear (or how I learned to stop worrying and accept the panic)

Haven’t been more emotionally attached to a rock song like ‘Badyear (or how I learned to stop worrying and accept the panic)’, in a long time. Palpable, destructive, descriptive, ferocious – all of the parts of a jigsaw puzzle indicative of that keeps you wanting more. Off of their LP ‘Long Walk Off the Short Pier’, the trio purveyors of axe-murdering taunts at self-realization, takes your hand into a round-about, never telling you which exit to follow, but encouraging you do never accept the norm. Even if it’s the norm of JOHNNY FOOTBALL HERO. What we’re saying is that the frenetic ruckus of this single is the kink that you wanted, to slobber over like your favorite girl. She looks at you with desire, and you are in heaven. The song is about panic attacks and anxieties. That live stage sure gives you that heebie-jeebies, just like her longing gaze doesn’t it? JOHNNY FOOTBALL HERO makes it damn solid. What a feeling.

Nature Of – Middle Of The Morning

NATURE OF’s single ‘Middle Of The Morning’ sneaks up on you, with grace and charm. With keys driving vibes all over the place, and the vocals draping the feelings of the past into crystal clear salinity. This beautiful single is from a project born of friends and musicians of the Edmonton skateboard community. And since 2011, the band has been ‘evolving’ as they’d like to state. The combination of Steven Schneider, Cole Switzer, Kyla Rankine, and Cameron O’Neill makes what NATURE OF, what it has become. Their debut album was in 2013, and has been touring ever since. Now it’s 2019, and they have some surprises for us all to enjoy in the new album to be released ‘The Mean’ due June 7th.


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