Kingsbury – Alone Again

Kingsbury’s Alone Again is a continuation of Caroline Kingsbury’s quest to win your heart. Alone Again captures the journal like self awareness, mixing awkward self motivations with whole hearted honesty in tone and execution.

Kingsbury is the work and project of Caroline Kingsbury. She’s one of our faves. Ever since we got to know bit about her from her song “Emeralds” (on our Instagram account), we’d been kinda infatuated (of her songs, we mean, ahem).

Caroline states:
“Alone Again is about regaining control over a part of your life you didn’t realize was compromised. I framed the song around a relationship but it was never about a specific relationship or person, but rather about a season of immense change and learning to be honest with myself about my desires as I made the move from Nashville to Los Angeles.”

“The act of physically moving away from everything that was comfortable liberated me and jolted me into the realization that I was having a hard time differentiating between what other people wanted for me and what I wanted for myself. I realized that pleasing the people around me was an innate part of my character, and that I had to actively fight that to be able to pursue the life I wanted.”

It’s a struggle, right?

That’s where character is born. It might be a mix of many tablets, but the ultimate end product is your own.

And we all go through it. Whether it’s a solitary road trip, or with others – it’s sometimes scary, and rewarding.

And we love that about Kingsbury, and Caroline.

Kudos, grrl. We with you, and importantly, we’re fans!

Go, go!

Oh, and you should “Go, go” and follow her and her work. It’s good sh*t. And if you’re A&R, sign her up!!


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