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Kinlaw – Drama In The South

Kinlaw’s Drama In The South is another sweeping endeavor trial – a trial into what Sarah Kinlaw’s venerable talent and unmistakable existence of solum but breathtaking vocal lyrics.

It’s hard to imagine what goes on in her head when she generates such opinions on what her song would inevitably become. Drama In The South is a bit past 2 minutes, but to us it spans the lifetime of a person – like 70 years. The flashes of archived photos generate speed and acceleration as it races past one’s mind’s eye. We happily sulk at the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and centuries the form of the song frames. The aerial brushes Kinlaw presents is akin to her works past, and surely is up to the challenge.

Sarah Kinlaw is, as many know already, is a big influencer and heroine in the Brooklyn NYC music scene. And converting people to her fandom is what she does, without sweat. Her band, Softspot (which we featured in our Instagram account), is itself a venerable narrator in the music scene, and just like Sarah, we love it so.

We’re glad to know Sarah and Softspot. Looking forward to more sweeping dramatics from her.

We all should enjoy her output, for sure.

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