Kira Shares ‘If It Makes You Feel Better’ (Live Session). “Just fabulously beautiful to listen to.”

“Last night we put up a little video of a (very DIY) live session we did in our living room of a song we put out a few months ago..”

Humble, talented, gracious. We think of KIRA as such.

And when you put that against the skills of music construction from the duo, it’s just the right storm.

Vocals of Katie surges like the tsunami pulsing through the depths of the deep oceans. Understated at the surface, the true thrust of it breaches the surface in a beautiful and natural exaltation.

‘If It Makes You Feel Better’ in this live session offering is a soft and calm delight. Substance is filled to the brim in this song, but it’s highlighted to the hilt with this version. Why? We’re not sure, but as mentioned before, it all starts with Katie’s voluptuous vocals.

Her duo partner in crime is Will, and the combination of both just works.

And it’s just fabulous to listen to.

Simply that.


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