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Kira Puru ‘Tension’: Driving forward, indie-pop at a new personal level.

Kira Puru’s Tension is what we love to hear. With Kira’s velvety vocals, framing the funky adulations of the instruments – the song is a pure delight to feel.

Yes. It’s pop.

The elements are the key. And Kira’s sensibilities keep this at the edges of Top 40 pop – happily surrounding it, and bagging it, for our ears to appreciate without guilt.

And if it wasn’t, we don’t really care.

It’s fun. It’s delicious. It’s nu. It’s glorious.

Take that nail out of that nonchalance.
Baptise the hinges with what you know.
Don’t make it chew the sinews.
For it’ll hurt the crowns.
It’s your fault.

Kira Puru’s been doing this for a long while and has got a great following.

And we predict she’ll have even more, for we feel her sophistication and maturation (without being dull) in ‘Tension’.

We dig that lots.

And now we know why.

You should too.



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