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Kirby Howarth Shares ‘So Complicated’. “Doesn’t Always Need To Be.”

When we initialize our deepest thought, from the time we are birthed into this world of ours, luck and hard-work, will be the two philosophies that will hang on our necks from beginning to end. And depending on how we conduct our lives, we will see how the flow of energy, can show us some ways to be productive (or not).

Is it really the way it is?

Is it really the way we exist?

It’s too difficult to answer.

However, no matter what the external forces have become, there is ONE CONSTANT that is with you all of the time: you.

‘Luck and hard work’ starts, pauses, accelerates, decreases, and ends with you at the start line. That fact tells of a world that you have a ‘say’ in.

The degree of difficulty, of course depends on whether you’d been born into a wealthy class, privileged class, etc. But there’s no guarantee of an up or down trajectory from there.

You shouldn’t accept that this is all you can be.

Keep that light bright. For at the least, that one statement can help you in your toughest and trying times.

Yea. The world is complicated. It doesn’t always have to be.



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