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Kit Major x Chanel & The Circus x Zeo – Bounce Haus

A modern take on Aqua/Cha-Cha slide. Performed during LA Outfest, Dial-Up Disco and Queer Radio. Bounce Haus is the fan favorite collab by Kit Major, Chanel & The Circus, and Zeo. Kit Major is an Art Pop Singer/Songwriter. Influenced by pop culture and style, Kit Major uses elements of classic pop and rock. Kit Major returns with bigger and better. Now she wants to start a dance craze, in the likes of Barbie Girl or Cha Cha Slide. And why not! We’d said this about her last time: “We feel like in a particular day or night, she is bursting with energy, due to the constant thought that she repeats in her head, over and over. And of course that thought is about how she wants the world to have a chance to hear her unique and nostalgic classic 90’s pop. Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Billie Eilish – the thump of conviction…” Word. Now dance.

LAURA – Dreaming

“I wrote this song during a very low time I was facing earlier this year. It was hard to wake up and face reality because nothing was going right. The melody at first was very sad, but as I was getting better, I saw things from a different perspective. And ‘Dreaming’ was born.” Laura is a Brazilian-born artist, raised in London and currently based in Tokyo, Japan. The selective charms of ‘Dreaming’ is sweet and tangy, but bold enough in its simplicity and uplifting melancholy. Laura came out in 2016 as lesbian, and has ever since been sharing her experience on social media. She started a YouTube channel that shows her daily life in Japan. Laura has always expressed herself creatively, taking on a new chapter to express herself musically with her upcoming music which offers nostalgic vibes and fits a Indie/Pop/Lo-Fi RnB notinon. ‘Dreaming’ is a beaut. We all should dream more.

Silque – Venus

“Prepare a blender and make a smoothie of: Pitched pop vocals, heavy Hip-Hop beats, disco strings, techno elements,dark distorted guitars, vocal samples, bas synths, pumping EDM loops, spherical reverberated guitars, 80’s disco bass and mechanical kraut-rock drums. Ét Voila: The new SILQUE record is made.” LOL. Don’t you love that attitude?? That’s what Silque is a majority about. New licks, new sounds, new art, new fun – the sun always shines when songs like ‘Venus’ comes your ways. The band added: “’Venus’ is an invitation to close your eyes and get carried by impulse into a collective state of bliss and communion. This timeless state can’t be interrupted by any outside sources and you can stay there for as long as you like. The only thing you have to do to get there is to say yes.” The gang from Denmark, has sights on 2020, with a new album on the way. With Bee Gees, ABBA, The War on Drugs, and marks of KC & The Sunshine Band in its natural reminiscence, Silque, gets it done and across the line. End result? They sing. We dance. Nuff said. Look for more from them.

Bedhead – Fight No More

Hailing from just outside Toronto, Bedhead (Veronica Racanelli) grew up in an intensely artistic household, sparking a lifelong passion for her own creative pursuits. Bedhead’s newest single, “Fight No More”, has been paired with a bright and bold video that mimics the track’s impassioned and driving synth-pop arrangement. Her songwriting process begins at the piano, and evolves through carefully crafted synthetic soundscapes that highlight her emotional lyrics. The ‘fight’ is not with the subject, but, as always, within Bedhead’s voice. It is an cry out into the wilderness of change and progress, where Bedhead’s resonance quivers with excitement and for the excitement, ahead. The anticipation, bubbles in her songs, no matter the subject – helping to quake through the walls of resisting palisades. See Bedhead next @ The Garrison, Toronto on November 8th.

SHIVANI – Option

SHIVANI is an artist writing hooky, fiery, alt-pop songs, for a generation of aimlessly wandering romantics. Ever the conscious writer, SHIVANI has previously said she feels bad for those who get close to her, because the majority end up with a song written about them in some capacity: “I’m not very good at keeping a journal, but my songs seem to do that for me. (Moral of the story, never befriend/date a songwriter).” Odd gal? Nope. Just a very normal, and unique individual. Who happens to express the way that she does. With interesting vocal attentions and lyrical decisions, SHIVANI’s understated flavor or nu-disco/freestyle pop styles just go great with any of your emotional wardrobe. Fragrent with light and tight notes, tinged with a bit of tongue-in-cheek winks, ‘Option’ is exactly what you think it’s all about – a story of young lovers with too much choice and not enough care. And you like it. For realz. Let SHIVANI’s attitude drape over you. Look for more from this fresh face.


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