Kite ‘Tranås/Stenslanda’ : What a dream. What a fabulous dream.


Like a story book chapter from a coming of age novel, the nostalgic beauty of Kite’s single ‘Tranås/Stenslanda’ shimmers brilliantly. With supple chords, dangling ever lasting love vibes into the ether, the synth Caucasus dribble notions for salvation and emotional revelry.

Based in Stockholm, the duo is composed by singer Nicklas Stenemo, who grew up in the small town of Stenslanda and keyboard player Christian Berg who came from the even smaller town Tranås. And together, they bring righteous justice to the pangs of feeling that cannot be just let go, without a fight.

Haunting, relevant, chaotic, serene – all jumble in the mind of this executioner-like visage. It’s the whiteness of the sun rays, bouncing off of your eyes, even in the closed hammock of dull and sullen dreams.

What a dream.


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