Kitty Montague ‘Always On My Mind’ : Access the depth of your soul with love and affection.

Kitty Montague

Following on from her previous single ‘Bad Boy’, Kitty Montague’s ‘Always On My Mind’ is a voluptuous embodiment of the sultry and of moods. A strength injection from Kitty’s vocals, sets in stone the delicate nature of the topic and of the protagonist’s emotive anticipations.

“This song is an inward conversation about an on-off relationship that I consistently went back to whenever I felt lonely. It’s a very real narration of the confusion I felt trying to identify my own feelings, whilst at the expense of someone else”.

A version of you. A version of the new you.

Selfishness clamoring, collide with what’s needed now. It’s hard to admonish, while wanting more and more. “Are you the one? Or just for now?” and “Is this who I am? Or will I break out of this?”

Access the depth of your soul with love and affection. Kitty’s ‘Always On My Mind’ resets your inklings of what’s true.


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