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Kiyomi // Kat Saul // BEX // Tim Atlas // flowstate

Kiyomi – High Ladder

KIYOMI is beauty. Beauty, is lackluster before KIYOMI. Her music is distinct, unique; her sensibilities musk with impending shimmer, can darken and brighten, at the exact same time. She’s the one you seek, in your dreams, your reality, your daydreams, your life. Chanting with hymns of inspirations, the art-pop songstress is gravity itself, as the atmosphere of kindness, reams of integrity, is deliciously expended within the gaps between her lyrics. “I wrote High Ladder when chasing the dream was like chasing moonlight,” stated KIYOMI. “It was a time of many closed doors and this song started to open them. The song turned into a transpacific collaboration bouncing between LA and Australia, developing layer by layer. High Ladder comes from my head and my heart and I hope it resonates with other dreamers.” ‘High Ladder’ is the new single & video. The video was directed by Charlie Le Mindu. The beauty of it all DEFINED by KIYOMI.

Kat Saul – Middle Name

KAT SAUL is Nashville’s pop. And in ‘Middle Name’ she kicks it off with enthusiasm and the breadth of the exuberance the world deserves. ‘Nick Miller’, her prior single landed in Spotify’s New Music Friday, with actor Jake Johnson from ‘New Girl’ on FOX endorsing her song on social media. Kat’s on a roll. And with this latest single, she’s aiming to keep the momentum going. The upbeat take on love and ambitions, take hold through the production of ‘Middle Name’, it is in a way, a formulation of what represents Kat and her drive to pop fame. It’s in her DNA.

BEX – Bad News

Boston based singer/songwriter BEX is a warrior of the best kind. The multi-genre artist mixes pop/rock and r&b elements, with critical strength in appeal. Off of the latest album ‘Sink Or Swim’, ‘Bad News’ is the single which is a definitive call to arms. Moody, sultry, soulful to the hilt, the guitar laden blues/jazz salted single billows with confidence in BEX’ brand of wisdom and emotional clout. Her heart is made of forged steel, with her heart of gold and muster, she edges ever closer to the land of promises – to you, with her fingers out-stretched – welcoming, bewitching. We can’t wait to hear BEX on ever larger stages. With powerful vocals anchoring her pop endeavors, it won’t be soon enough.

Tim Atlas – Dizzy

‘Dizzy’ is offered by the refreshing artist TIM ATLAS of Los Angeles. His 70’s disco framed blues pop-rock is intoxicating to listen to, as we keep stopping ourselves from dancing. But we can’t help it. We must dance. The groove in ‘Dizzy’ is palpable and upsettingly fun, as the mix of genres, give all our senses bit of everything that it needs to survive this deliciousness. With publications and tastemakers supporting the works of Tim, the musical fabulousness is never missed by his audience, as it’s obvious to spot. The talents of the pop maestro helps get your day started on the right track. And then it helps the week, end the right way, as you mosey along to the long deserved break. Can’t go wrong. Look for Tim to really do some accelerating in 2019.

flowstate – that shit cray

That rap rhyme is just too delicious. Listen to it. Creamy, decadent, fear of nothing. It exudes the flaunted loves and the confounding emotions of the past and current. Insignificance is the central question to the self. Will it be like this all of the time? Forever? Will you find your calling? Your love? ‘That Shit Cray’ is a beautifully constructed pop diddy by FLOWSTATE. It is an experiment of elements, described as ‘alchemic’ by others. It’s an art piece, deserving of a wall for all to see, feel, and to dissolve into. The duo in FLOWSTATE has been working together since 2016. Their sound is at the crux of that cliff’s end. Don’t slip.


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