Klara Hammarström Shares ‘You Should Know Me Better’. “Top-shelf audible pop entertainment.”

Nineteen year old Swedish pop artist Klara Hammarström is a cut right through your heart. Her vocals to her presentation is the welcomed beckoning of classic pop, produced to the highest of quality. The emotionally clarifying single ‘You Should Know Me Better’ translates through, whatever the language or culture would be.

The accomplished and ambitious singer/songwriter takes accomplishing accomplishments to a high level, no matter her activity is championship horseback riding or starring in an internationally distributed reality show.

Her passion for music is intrinsic, and it shows in her latest single.

And with a hint of classic The method of becoming noticed and bringing value to her listeners is what she does. She knows this more than anyone else in her crowd. She seeks that point out with razor precision.

Klara said: “This is my second release, but this song is actually the very first we wrote. It’s about a relationship from the past and getting a better perspective of who you actually are on your own”.

Written together with Josefine Glenmark (Peg Parnevik amongst others), Gavin Jones (Zara Larsson amongst others) and producers Joel Eriksson and David Franzén from Volantic, ‘You Should Know Me Better’ culminates into a perfect tropics in top-shelf audible pop entertainment.

Klara Hammarström is on her way.



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