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Kluster Shares ‘In Your Hometown’ Single. Upcoming Debut LP ’Civic’ Drops June 15.

Their debut single from the upcoming album was ‘Over Your Head’ and on the 2nd of March we’d said: “The dastardly raucous sounds made by ‘Over My Head’ is head spinning and entertaining. But the taker is that the song melds the soft but confident vocals Linnea Hall, then contrasts and transposes over and under and between the psychedelic lo-fi post punk induced guitar work. The accompanying instruments glue it together in a delicate but thoroughly enjoyable purplish audible rainbow.”

This time with their second single debut through Rama Lama, ‘In Your Hometown’ cranks up the bet on your life’s experience on what distinct drapes of music can manifest. The silky vocal work of Linnea Hall juxtaposing against the playful, reticence of the electric guitar notes, demonstrate a palpable and honest slide to rockin’.

The epitome of the song hangs at the balance, 4/5th of the way down the song – captivated by the accelerated ‘questions’ posed by the guitars stating, “Where are you now. Where are you going? Is it the right way?”

“civic is a look into the everyday ordinary, the changeable and the constant” with eleven songs treating “situations, emotions and people in our mind at the time, consciously or not” – Kluster.

The band, started by friends in 2014, aims to continue the display of musical affections, being very active in cities such as Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, supporting acts such as Frankie Cosmos and Nicole Sabouné.

Kluster consist of Linnea Hall (vocals), Pontus Örnstrand (keyboard), Sebastian Hegedüs (guitar), Adam Jonsson (guitar) and Andreas Pollak (drums).

They’re rep’ed by Rama Lama.

Buy [HERE]


Oh Oh Oh
Let It Go
Over My Head
Get Along
In Your Hometown


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