KNASH ‘Sexist’ : Get trolled if you are one. You deserve it as these ladies give you a black eye.


The ladies of KNASH wants you to know that they are watching you. Your every beady-eyed untruths to your clamoring “I am more superior than you” attitude, ‘Sexist’ is a call out of the utmost, where you pretend not to be one, but deep inside you’re ashamed to bits.

Done in this plentiful and playful singalong chive, KNASH brings another angle to the world of indie. As the ladies would describe this single: “‘Sexist’ is a piece of punk-vomit all over events that shouldn’t be allowed to happen.”


So go ahead you pig. Get down with your own self, wallowing in your never-modern grief of a life.

Lie down. That black eye will need to air.

It was given to you by Emma Wallerö, Hillevi Jakobsson, Hanna Winberg, Olivia Larsson, Cornelia Wiebols and Karin Wallerö.


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