KNASH ‘Still Alive’ : Back the f*ck up. Told you. You die.


‘Still Alive’ is the Stockholm-based six woman strong band KNASH’s, debut EP.

The women write songs about bad friendships, general life advice and sexist idiots – and it’s all served in melodious in-your-face party punk. The most important day of 2020 is 24th of March when the EP is released on Septembernatt Records.

‘Still Alive’ is a pop Americana drizzle, shining in a glam effervescence – all dipped in punk chords and wrapped ‘get a grip’.

KNASH has been described as “…a side of Swedish pop music that in lack of better words must be described as fantastic” in a review in Zero Magazine. Previous singles have been featured on New Music Friday Sweden, Indie Highlights and aired on Swedish national radio P3.

Emma Wallerö, Hillevi Jakobsson, Hanna Winberg, Olivia Larsson, Cornelia Wiebols and Karin Wallerö make KNASH real.


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