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K!NG – More Than You & Me

“Our goal isn’t for the fame, but to reach out to individuals with our music in hopes that they can also relate and enjoy listening to it,” examined K!NG. We disagree with their assumptions. Electronic, r&b, pop, and soul make up this blend of nu-disco offering of ‘More Than You & Me’. It’s a song of love. It’s about love. It’s about loving to be in love. The fresh sounds coming out of this duo, is undeniable and we all should celebrate. It’s what makes living – the life. Put your hand up in the air, just like you care for her – him – us – all together.

Shayla McDaniel – Roommate

Shayla McDaniel brings a dynamic blend of alt-pop and energy to her songs. The Knoxville, Tennessee singer/songwriter has the knack for emotive divergence and exploration. As she has in ‘Roommate’, it is a sine that is expounding of promises made and reminds the other of what’s expected of one another. A song of unforeseeable dangers and challenges line this single’s lyrics, as realities of a new relationship brings situations of stress and internal struggles. But Shayla’s positivity bemoans this radical upturn and she never keeps herself down. For it’s how things go sometimes. And when the contract for a new chapter in life comes about, you have to take it at face value to give it the 100%. We all deserve a shot like that. Get into this exciting and guitar driven single, as its upbeat contrasts play with your emotions – for the better.

Facing West – Demons

Recently synched with a TV show on the CW network, FACING WEST’s style is built for drama. Cinematic and instigating, the 2nd release of 2019, ‘Demons’ keeps its anthemic energies to good use, from start to finish. Sisters Caitlin & Sidney make up FACING WEST and their harmonies and straight forward attitudes, rock you to that place of empowerment and encouragement. The duo adapts their youthful approach to alt-pop and slings it out for all to experience and feel. The emotions are left at the sleeves, as raw as the real demons that bind us all.

K Freeze – Live It Up

You and me. Me and you. It’s that time of the week, and you know you want some. You want to get out there and rock the night. But can I trust you? Can you trust me? Where are we going with this relationship? Eve the Earth have a dependable relationship with the Moon, right? Where are we? Are we going to ‘Live It Up’, in honesty and in genuine affection? Just sayin’ girl. K FREEZE’s ‘Live It Up’ is that one questions, posed and waiting for that reply. Come on girl, let’s really love each other. There’s nothing stopping us, but us. And we don’t have to let that be.

Claire Ridgely – ‘Til The Morning

Can you say popular? CLAIRE RIDGELY is exactly that. With decadent and empathetic vocals, the now, Montreal based artist throws caution into the breeze and offers up single after single of unique pop variations. From indie-pop, to electro-pop, and right back to alt-pop, there’s really nothing Claire can’t achieve. And in ‘Til The Morning’, Claire takes one more big step towards cementing her delicious style and pop-attitudes. Her lyrical style is fresh and airy, honest and takes you on that small ride towards that one glimpse of young love. After 30+ million plays she gains a place at your heart’s desire, zest for life, and encouragement for what’s to come. Positivity is the source in ‘Til The Morning’. We love that.

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