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KNIGHTSTOWN ‘Border’: Promises unkept; thousand voices singing the same tune.

“Promise me you’ll be back. Promise me.” Knightstown’s Border turns upside down one’s conceptual longings, for the past, present, future. The promises that were made, the promises that are pending, the promises that never materialized.

Michael Aston is the artist behind Knightstown, and seems that he wants to bring the ‘cerebral’, thought provoking aspect in his song writing. And in this song, particularly, with his airy vocals and serene notes, his aims seem to be on right path.

‘Border’ is his first new single to be offered since his EP in early 2017.

“I wanted to write about the fleeting reunions of North/South Korean families – not because I could possibly empathise with such suffering and loss, but just to draw attention to the story…longing and loss but ultimately: salvation.”

“You promised me you’ll be back.”

“It’s been many decades.”

“Why haven’t you come back?”

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t. It’s been so long.”

“The years have rolled past, and I’d been guilty.”

“I saw hopelessness, and I accepted.”

“You promised me you’ll be back – back with me, in my arms.”

“You promised.”

Losses, disappointments, unspoken love – traverses long distances, even without direct words.

Looking into the night sky, spoken in ever dimming hope.

Knightstown is rep’ed by Fat Cat Records, out of both Brighton & Brooklyn.

He’s, also, ready to do battle on the stage in November 21, at London’s Elektrowerkz.

We really dig Knightstown, and its musical ambitions.

We think you should too.




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