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Knightstown Shares New Single ‘Keep’. Expand your mind, your soul.

‘Keep’ is the new single from Kightstown, the vocal/electronic project from Brighton based artist Michael Aston. The song is the title track to his upcoming EP, dropping on March 23rd.

It’s that sound in your head, enveloping the thoroughbred of throttling horses, in silent and cinematic paces through that long and wide wilderness. The winds interrupt the lightening pace, as you watch the striations of the black stallions shining in the sun, dominating the landscape.

But there’s one voice. That constant and warm voice of emblematic reason. Your reason. For being and self expansion.


Ride with ‘Keep’ – that wind that behind you, in support.

Michael was signed to FatCat in 2016, after submitting ‘Disparity’ in 2014, a demo which quickly became one of the label’s most listened to tracks on the FatCat Demo site. Working closely with his cousin and producer, Thomas Aston, KNIGHTSTOWN honed the project over the course of a year.

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Keep EP Tracklist:
1. Keep
2. Charlatan
3. Figurines
4. First Cry
5. Settle


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