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Known Associates’ Newest Album ‘We Were Once Babies, Now We Are Men’. Crumble, Rumble, Grumble – What A Trip.

It’s not something to feel. It’s something to experience. And the single ‘On A Wednesday’, on this LP ‘We Were Once Babies, Now We Are Men’ by Known Associates, is such an experience of just crumbling buckets of observational life sources. The ‘throw up’ of stories and mingling lessons of bodily expectations, just sums up this very entertaining album by the boys.

And unfortunately, that’w all we know about KA at the moment. Which is unfortunate, for we really dig the album. It’s stupendously resilient in the subject matters, and sometimes just ‘stupid’ sh*t that we all can go through.

Isn’t that grand, though?

Anywho, the band consists of: Curtis Carriere, James Harrickey, Matt MacNeil, and Jordan Hewitt.

Kudos guys. Looking forward to your next.

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North Bay, Ontario


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