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Kodey Brims Shares ‘Neon Colours’. “Celebrations of living in this big world – ever enlightening.”

Libby Danforth

Brisbane, Australia originating (now in Nashville), folk/pop singer/songwriter KODEY BRIMS’ single ‘Neon Colours’ shines with its distinctive vocal attentions, and idilic narration of thoughts and premises.

The 22 year old shares her experiences and writes in a nostalgic but modern melodic style.

The delicious harmonies in ‘Neon Colours’ scorn you into radical submission with lovely lyrics of paint, then fill in the meanings with gentle brush strokes in shimmer and arrangements. The percussions, in line with the pacing, times the song into another realm of creation, as it delves deep into your cortex.

The mostly traditional pop arrangement, casts vertical eccentricities that just grab ahold and wants you to want even more.

The sugary folk guitars dance with expertise, as Kodey’s beautiful and strident vocals emanate in confidence. It goes on with pictures of family, longing, and celebrations of living in this big world – ever enlightening.



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