KOKO ‘Now That I’m Wanting More’ : Sets up for the good times up ahead.


‘Now That I’m Wanting More’ brings a darker and more aggressive hue to the Bristol-based band’s palette. They bring some of the best of their home city’s musical heritage with elements of dubstep, hip hop and breaks, with a thumping and pulsating bassline.

“’Now That I’m Wanting More’ is all about the stages of a night out” explained, the band. “You might start by going for a few drinks, but the next thing you know you’re at a rave. Pushing the evening further and further and chasing the rush until the sun comes up!”

Ollie, Harry D and Ashley C met at a party in Bristol in 2017. Ollie, who had grown up in Thailand, was on the path to becoming a professional bare-knuckle boxer. Harry D had picked up a skateboarding sponsorship before an injury cut his extreme sports career short. Ashley C was forced to take a different approach in his teens, locking himself away for months on end whilst battling severe anxiety.

Quite different backgrounds, but music, and a way to move forward, brought the trio together.

Rousing and taunting, is the way ‘Now That I’m Wanting More’ can be described. A no bull kind of existence, the single brings out the grittiest of it all, and then sets up for the good times up ahead.

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