Kombat ‘Again & Again’ : “Doing what you want, and not caring what anyone else wants for you.”


Kombat is a English Rock band from Nottingham (UK) with a passion for writing catchy tracks that resonate a blend of attitude and charisma. Formed in early 2019, the band consists of music fanatics and multi-instrumentalists Anish Denoon and Martin Valtchanov.

“Our music is influenced by a wide range of styles,” says Martin. “Right now, we’re devoted to creating songs for everyone to enjoy and, pretty soon, we’ll be looking to perform them live”.

In the best energies of bands like The Hives and Franz Ferdinand, the duo of Kombat rocks their audience with rockin’ riffs and gargantuan ambitions.

With all the right moves in construction, ‘Again & Again’ is a big song from a shimmering band.

You’ll be entertained, indeed.


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