Korine ‘Fate’ (Video) : It’s a glory of a style that delivers with absolution and loving credence.


Korine blends new wave nostalgia with modern pop sensibilities, contrasting upbeat rhythms against sullen, emotionally evocative lyrics. ‘Fate’ is from their new album ‘The Night We Raise’, set for a September 4th. Korine is a Philadelphia based electronic pop duo consisting of members Morgy Ramone and Trey Frye.

‘Fate’ is out alongside a self-directed video that frames up the Korine vibe nicely.

Morgy said: “The Night We Raise is largely about anticipation, like seeing the top of a steep hill and envisioning yourself as you descend. Between the dark and dense are feelings of optimism, admiring things that are beautiful, and being true to yourself. There is freedom in knowing who you are and I think this album is a representation of that idea.”

Korine debuted their first full-length record ‘New Arrangements’ in 2018 on Born Losers Records which helped land the band multiple nationwide tours and two sold out vinyl pressings. Following this release were two acclaimed singles ‘Uncrossed’ and ‘To You’ which were specially released on a limited 7” vinyl in the Fall of 2019, and marked a stylistic evolution for the band.

The synthetics of Korine is more than just skin deep in homage. It’s a purity of sight and sound, clinging to the future past and emerging stronger with an unavoidable precision and musical effervescence. It’s a glory of a style that delivers with absolution and loving credence.

Let’s dance.


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