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KOSCHKA Shares ‘The Flood’. “We’re Growing Apart. We Have Been….Drifting Away.”

You punched a hole into my heart, with your index finger, opening up the memories of my past, which were locked away for the day of never to be revealed.

Why did you do this?

Who gave you permission to do this?

I never told you to do anything of the sort.

You said it was for the ‘best’, and that it would help ‘heal’ me and that we, as couples can get closer.

But have we?

After a month, have we become closer?

Have my presence in the same room with you, become more loving?

Do I shrivel away from your touch, bit more everyday?

Why did you do this?

Who gave you permission to do this, despicable, selfish deed?

I never told you to do something like this.

We’re growing apart. We have been. Our row boats are drifting away.

And there’s nothing we can do to salvage our debt to our sins.

KOSCHKA is a solo singer/songrwriter and artist. Her beautiful ‘anticipation of a voice’ pulls away at the seams of some parts of life’s dreads, then coddles our little heads in regret.

She’s had her solo project since 2012 and has come to this year of 2018 with the debut of her upcoming album.

‘The Flood’ is a piece that stands alone and shouldn’t be disturbed. Love and regret is expressed solely by the dance of KOSCHKA’s mouth, thrusting with little movement.

“After living in the Netherlands for almost ten years, I began missing the German language and culture. When I went back, I became mesmerised by Berlin’s spirit and started writing down everything I observed…I discovered a new way of composing; to tell relatable tales with a timeless character. Poetic, scary, uncertain, remarkable, direct, fragile and strong.”



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