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KOYO // Calcou // Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der // Shima Banana // Yeah But No

KOYO – Circles

“When we started writing songs for the new album, we realised we were trying too hard to create our best work and ideas started to feel too convoluted and contrived,” explained frontman Huw Edwards. “We remembered that we needed to trust our gut and switch off the conscious side of our brains, without worrying about whether it’s gonna be any good or not. Circles was a breakthrough in that respect.” Psych soundscapes on indie-rock bones make KOYO’s single ‘Circles’ a throwback of utter authenticity. A vibrant order, the single sings while in harmony and beautifully silken notes march on with a slant of coming of age vibes. But it’s a tour-de-force as the guitar riff, supports with ardent shimmer and emotional readiness. KOYO is: Huw Edwards (lead vocals, guitar), Jacob Price (sampling, synthesisers), Seb Knee-Wright (guitars), Dan Comlay (bass) and Tom Higham (drums).

Calcou – Colors on Screen (feat. GRIP TIGHT)

Calcou is a Berlin based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Stefan is CALCOU. And with it, Stefan curates and nominates for our listening pleasure, another exercise in ambience and atmospheric textures. Noise in draping water falls, melodramatically carry you into an immersive vibe in bouncing limits and immediacy. Casts of jazz and electronica, combine to realize a decadent side of silence, emotions, and secrets of personal innuendos. Colors have never looked so pleasing, as it does in this single.

Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der – Iris Road

Inspiration from artists like Soccer Mommy, Alvvays, and Radiohead have been baked into the delicious single ‘Iris Road’. RACHEL BOBBITT explains that the audience is: “made to feel like they’re experiencing the honeymoon phase through rose colored glasses.” The beauty that is Rachel’s vocals, express flawlessly from word to word, as the jazz infused, indie-rock frame of the song, describes the “difficult period of change almost everyone faces through the transition from an adolescent to early adulthood”. This Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der collaboration is a heartening tale of story telling, both charming and grand. Look for their own separate EPS with ‘Months to Fall’ by Rachel Bobbitt and ‘Nostalgic For Things to Come’ by Justice Der.

Shima Banana – Enemies

“I’m a Japanese-American singer, producer and engineer. In high school I lived in Japan and was signed to a major label (AVEX) as a J-pop singer, but I quit to study music and audio engineering in college. I just graduated and am embarking on my journey as a solo artist, producing, recording and mixing my own stuff.” That was the statement from SHIMA BANANA. And the talented artist comes with some fresh vibes with her single ‘Ememies’. Both alt and main-stream pop, the tinged shimmer of the song, gathers forces with the taunting lyrics and the playfully ironic guitar chord riffs. A tint in coming-of-age, the song is both of love and what it’s like to be uncertain. Delight is the only description for this exercise, in our eyes.

Yeah But No – I Don’t Want To Know

Berlin-based Electro/Pop duo YEAH BUT NO release the video for single ‘I Don’t Want To Know’. We’d said of their single: “..the lyrical vibrancy is seamlessly intertwined within the composition, that it deserves a grander announcement. The experimental electronica project is a single of utter poignancy and it rises to an occasion of rhythmic empathy and luscious decadence.” The video was directed by Harjinder Grewal and the cinematically critical visual is grand and majestic as the premise of the song. Contrasting and impressive, the narrative concept music video hits all the right vibes, in depicting such a big emotional landscape of the single, itself.


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