krapka;KOMA x Pixi Ink ‘Sugar Moon’ : Fusion of r&b and soulful psyche induced dreams. Grace and cosmic reassurance.


krapka;KOMA is a multi-instrumentalist electronic girl group based in Lviv, Ukraine. Ira Lobanok and Alona Kovalenko produce and perform music together, creating a fusion of electronic soundscapes and acoustic instruments such as a trumpet and a guitar.

Gentle and sensual vocals over a chillhop/lofi hip-hop beat, Krapka;KOMA first met Pixi Ink in London about 3 years ago and this is their first collaboration.

Said Pixi Ink: “The lyrics are about a couple underneath a ‘Sugar Moon’ telling each other everything was going to be okay and they would lead each other into sunrise. I’ve been obsessed with the quote “And this too will pass,” it has been the theme in pretty much everything I’m writing lately. I think with how crazy the world has been in 2020 remembering this small piece of wisdom really helps.”

“We were so delighted to hear that Pixi Ink wanted to sing something over our beat,” said krapka;KOMA. “I remember how I listened to what she’d produced for the first time and I absolutely loved it! The voice, the phrasing – how it started to sound like a real song and we got an idea to release it as a single.”

With fusion of r&b and soulful psyche induced dreams, ‘Sugar Moon’ emphasizes with grace and cosmic reassurance.


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