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Krevontul // Right Hand Left Hand // Stephen Day // Synthonic // Ryan Melone

Krevontul – Golem

Krevontul is a band from Finland. The band was founded during a recording session in January 2019 by childhood friends Sakari Niittymaa and Juha Kyyrö, with Arttu Luukkonen. And they know how to rock. Of the best tradition of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, title track ‘Golem’ is a single that blasts with tight power chords, rockin’ arpeggios, with delectable guitar solo, and harmonies. The trio decks out in their best via their EP, which also delivers in the best of what Finland hard-rock/heavy metal traditions have always seemed to have offered through the years. Distinctive trends mark ‘Golem’, as the song is from the get-go, riotous, exciting, rockin’. Most of all it hits all the marks to what metal has and always should be.

Right Hand Left Hand x Taliesyn Kallstrom – Chacabuco

Featuring former Estrons front-woman Taliesyn Kallstrom, Right Hand Left Hand, brings ‘Chacabuco’. ‘Chacabuco’ is a Chilean ghost town set up to house workers for a nitrate mine, but was abandoned 14 years later as synthetic nitrate became widespread and decimated the industry. Decades later, Pinochet used it as a concentration camp and surrounded it with landmines that are still there. It is in the process of being restored by its sole inhabitant. ‘Zone Rouge’ (November 15) is the new album upcoming for Cardiff based outfit Right Hand Left Hand. And in it, this beautifully graced single with Taliesyn’s luscious vocals dangle the future around your face with sexy and sumptuous thrust. When we reviewed Taliesyn’s Estron’s a year ago we’d said of her as being “..a bucket of hurricanes torching our seat of our pants..” It’s something about her vocal tone that just gets you riled up and excited. As customary to songs that she is associated, ‘Chacabuco’ is right in line with what was familiar with Estrons. Short and powerful lyrical punch, driving into oblivion with her equally expressive and powerful voice, telestrate the gumption of the song right into our shivering souls. It’s an anthem that is anti-anthemic. It just feels so good. The collab is fabulous.

Stephen Day – Dreams Tonight

“‘Guess I’m Grown’ Now feels like the only record I could have possibly made at this time in my life,” Stephen Day explained. “Somehow all of the things I felt limited by at the beginning of making this album made it a perfect time stamp on my life, which is, I guess, how things work? As a person who doesn’t necessarily love to talk about feelings all the time, this record holds a lot of them for me— sadness, extreme joy, FOMO, letting go, starting over, etc. My biggest hope for anyone who listens through this whole album is that they let themselves feel every feeling it holds.” The soulful singer-songwriter began his musical journey upon moving to Nashville, TN in 2014 to pursue music while attending Belmont University. With exuding procedural precipices, dissected by slivers of charmed glimpses of love and loss, ‘Dreams Tonight’ is a fantastical and nocturnal vision of a certain, something that was there like a whiper at a dawn of a memory. Rousing promises, with waves of emotions selectively curtailed, the lyrics of the single billows ins big swaths of personalities within desires that cannot wait any longer. It’s the beckoning of what the protagonist wants, and so badly. Will the dream come true? Only going for it all, will tell you. See the swooning grace of Stephen Day next @ Callaghan’s Irish Social Club, Mobile Alabama, on October 24th.

Synthonic – I Hop

Like out of the fantasies of an adventure depicted on the classic anime ‘Cowboy Beebop’, Synthonic’s single ‘I Hop’ is a funky and truly entertaining alt-house offering that sings with its bass work and doesn’t take names until we’re famished from all of the dancing. A car. A space ship. A mission to the personal stars of deep seeded memories. Synthonic is a new funk project for 2018 written, recorded and produced by London based musician, Kieron Garrett. He played in orchestras and ensembles for over 10 years, before eventually undertaking a music performance degree at Kingston University.It was well into his 20s that he decided to delve into the world of jazz, which was when the Kieron Garrett Quartet (KGQ) was formed with friend and drummer, Pete Cumber.

Ryan Melone – Honeybun

‘Honeybun’ is the first single from Ryan Melones debut 2019 EP ‘Bedroom Bangers’. Featuring complex vocal rhythms that play along with a mish mash of dreamy and staccato production and arrangement choices. While the instrumental arrangement is familiar with the way it is presented yet sounds innovative and unique to Ryan’s brand of psych indie rock. Stated Ryan: “I’m fascinated by the amount of possibilities that come with recording music. You can take an idea and make it into one thing, change the rhythm and instrumentation around and make it into something very different.” Ryan’s sense of humor comes out of his singles and certainly in ‘Honeybun’. A view of the world that is both serious and nonchalant, the capability of his works are as headstrong as your ex, but certainly much more lovable like your newly acquired puppy. It’s the contrasts in life that makes it fun, and Ryan certainly have tales to tell. In the meantime, he wants to let the world know of his music and maybe some sonic snuggling, if possible. Word Ryan. Word.


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